Stretching income:  Perhaps you’re at a loss for how to make the most of your money in your household?  We can identify creative options for you to consider that will stretch your income so you’re not carrying the weight of the world.  We can help you through a rigorous exercise of organizing your existing assets.

Planning for future:  If you’re wondering how you can secure your future for you and your loved ones, we can share with you, tools and resources in the areas of investments, retirement planning and life insurance. We can also help you assess risk levels of investments – from low-risk to high-risk.

Planning for the unexpected (divorce, death, loss of job?): Unfortunately, life presents a myriad of unexpected and unfortunate events and circumstances: divorce, death, loss of a job. Often, the last thing you want to think about is the financial component. We are here to help you think through the process and provide viable solutions to make life easier. We can also share with you various disability or long-term care options.

Retiring:  Thinking of retirement in the next 5-10 years? Or maybe you’re more than 10 years away but want to ensure a prosperous retirement through good planning.  We can help you think through financial scenarios, so you are in a better place to make educated decisions. We can share with you retirement options and plans available based on your desired age and income at retirement.

Saving for college: Is the thought of college tuition daunting to you? When you leave our office, perhaps you might think otherwise.  We can help you with college funding options and planning for higher education. We build a plan based on what you think your anticipated portion of the cost will be.

Securing the future for your loved ones (trust, life insurance):  It’s not something we like to think about, but when you’re gone, do you feel confident in what you are leaving behind for your loved ones?  Let us help you plan for the future, for the sake of your loved ones.  We can help you review various options for life insurance.

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