Planning for the Future

schaeffer_group_planning_for_the_futureIf you’re wondering how you can secure your future for you and your loved ones, we can share with you, tools and resources in the areas of investments, retirement planning and life insurance. We can also help you assess risk levels of investments – from low-risk to high-risk

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What is the single largest expense that you or I will ever have in our lives?

As a financial professional, I believe that an important element of my job is to help my clients think, and one of the best ways to help someone think is by asking questions. So oftentimes during client interviews I’ll ask that question, “What do you think is the single largest expense that you or I…

Why Buy Life Insurance For Your Kids?

Posted on January 10th, 2014 in Planning for the Future by

Prior to getting into the financial planning business, I really never understood the reasons – and importance of – life insurance for young people… Thankfully, most of you have never faced a serious illness with your child, and I pray that you never know how that feels. I would like to share a story with…